a. The population of the Fort Hood/Killeen/Temple area is approximately 423,000.

b. During the month of July, 345 homes were sold throughout the Fort Hood, Killeen, Harker Heights, Nolanville, Copperas Cove, and Kempner area.
c. Killeen has been ranked a Top Hiring City in Texas.

In the Winter 2015 Greater Killeen Business Quarterly, the Killeen Chamber of Commerce  published an article that explored the talent that comes to our region as a result of the military strength of Fort Hood. The soldiers and their families who come to this area bring with them specialized training and skills that make our workforce especially desirable for employers. Within the Killeen city limits there are two top-notch institutions of higher education to train this workforce: Central Texas College and Texas A&M University-Central Texas. It is no wonder, then, that a recent study by Beyond, an online career network, ranked Killeen as one of the top hiring cities in Texas. The city was ranked number 4 in the state for employers looking to hire.

Joe Weinlick, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Beyond, explains: “The rankings of these top metros is determined by comparing the total number of job seekers for each region to the Texas Workforce Commission’s civilian labor force numbers for February 2015. Based on our analysis of this data, Killeen ranks as one of the best cities in Texas for employers to hire quality talent.” According to the study, the easiest industries to hire for are transportation & logistics, customer service, and clerical & administration.

A separate report based on surveys administered by the Heart of Texas Defense Alliance (HOTDA) in Quarter 4 2014 supports this claim. The HOTDA report listed Transportation & Logistics as the second most popular occupation of veterans leaving the military at Fort Hood (second only to Combat Arms). This report also cites the following desired categories of post-military employment for soldiers and their spouses: medical/health, computers/software, management/business, administrative/office, and education/teaching, most of which fall into the categories Beyond found to be easiest to hire for. 

These studies reinforce what businesses in our region have known for years: that Killeen is a great place to find qualified, talented workers for a variety of positions. 

d. Killeen is ranked among the fastest growing communities in the nation.

Killeen, with the 18th overall ranking was 10th nationwide among cities with populations between 100,000 and 200,000.

The ranking was based upon data gathered from 2008 - 2013 and analyzed using 10 metrics - population growth, working-age population, percentage of people with a bachelor's degree or higher, jobs, and economic environment, median household income, unemplyment rates, job growth, povert rates and growth regional gross domestic product per capita. 

In July, a study ranked Killeen as the most affordable place to live among 32 mid-size Texas cities for working-class families and middle-class couples.

In fact, reports found Killeen's middle-class couples could afford more tan 90% of all two or three-bedroom homes that averaged 1,700 square feet in the city.

In short, Killeen is a fast-growing community - with all the inherent pluses and minuses that growth entails.

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h. New homes are often a better value than foreclosures!
The lower price of foreclosed homes can make them look like a bargain, but home buyers need to carefully compare the actual cost - and advantages - of a newly constructed home versus a foreclosed one before you buy. Many foreclosures are sold as-is with no disclosure requirements. You could be surprised with major repair bills for issues such as foundation faults or structural defects; unsafe wiring; rodent infestation; and more. A foreclosed home that appears to have been renovated may not have been done with the proper permits and inspections. 

A brand-new home provides peace of mind for your family's safety because it has passed inspections and conforms to current building codes. Financing a new home is easier than financing a foreclosed home. Many builders offer incentives to reduce closing costs and can complete the closing quickly. Sometimes, it takes months to buy a foreclosed home.
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Homes For Sale in Killeen TX Area
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